'The Worf Of Wall Street' Is A Most Honorable Parody Video

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Qapla'! 'The Worf Of Wall Street' was the most inevitable parody trailer and photoshops to come from 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'.

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Guess Who Put The Kibosh On A ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Starring Worf

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Michael Dorn says a 'Star Trek' TV series was in the works which would focus on Worf, his Klingon character from TNG and DS9.

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Turns Out Worf's 'Castlevania' Movie Actually Does Exist. Well, Sort Of


Worf's Castlevania movie is actually a fan-made online series...


Worf Wants You To Pay Him To Get Romantic

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Poor Worf. Michael Dorn is tired of doing the dumb sci-fi stuff and wants to make a romantic comedy, but because us dumb sci-fi fans are the only people who know who Michael Dorn is, he's set up a Kickstarter project called "Through The Fire - Life After Star Trek"...

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Dor Sho Gha! Worf Just Can't Catch A Break.

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On Star Trek: The Next Generation, nobody ever listened to Worf, their Chief of Security.

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