The Ultimate Crossfit Fails Compilation Wants You To GO GO GO PUSH IT PUSH IT


Here's the Ultimate Crossfit Fails Compilation, four minutes of fitnesses badasses hurting themselves, destroying equipment and PUSHING IT.


The Ultimate Workout Fail Compilation

The funniest (and most painful) gym mishaps, all in one video.


Russian Weightlifter Pumps Iron With His Adorable Daughter

Russian weightlifter Dmitry Klokov, a former world champion, pumps some iron alongside the cutest lifting partner ever.


Muscular Mets Fan Can’t Open Water Bottle

The camera catches a seemingly strong fan struggling to open a water bottle, and the announcers let him have it.


91-Year-Old Breaks Bench Press World Record

Arizona resident and World War II veteran Sy Perlis broke the world bench press record for the 90-and-over age division several times on Saturday.


Belly Bench Press

Here's an interesting way to lift weights.


Eric Spoto Breaks Bench Press World Record

Eric Spoto breaks the raw bench press world record by lifting 722 lbs.


Impressive Treadmill Dancer

This guy has better moves on a treadmill that most people do on a regular dance floor.


The Butt Scoot

Get buns of steel with this revolutionary technique.


Extreme Gym Parkour

Damien Walters, Tim Shieff, and Greg Townley perform absolutely ridiculous stunts at the gym, turning a regular workout into an acrobatic parkour demonstration.


Monkey Works Out

This monkey finds time in his busy day to do pushups and sit-ups.


People vs. Fitness

The best (most painful) clips of people hurting themselves while working out, all in one video.


Nance Bodean’s Guide to Power Walking

Do you want to get into shape but are afraid of exercise.


Proper Gym Etiquette

Here are some easy-to-follow rules for the gym that you shouldn't listen to at all.

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Late Night Hashtags: #MyWeirdGymStory

Jimmy Fallon started the #MyWeirdGymStory hashtag on Twitter (as part of his running Late Night Hashtags segment) and it was a trending topic within 15 minutes.


Training Montage Montage

An inspirational supercut of cinematic training montages.


Screaming Squatter

There is absolutely nothing subtle about this female weightlifter.


Cats on Treadmills

The best clips of cats walking on treadmills, all in one video.


The Ultimate Treadmill Fail Compilation

The most painful clips of people running (and falling) on treadmills, all in one video.

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