Dime Live Blog: USA vs. Tunisia

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Labor Day Weekend is one of my favorites in NYC for one reason: The West Indian Day Parade.


Dime Live Blog: USA vs. Iran

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I've never dealt directly with a bookie, and I don't know much about gambling, so I have to ask: Is there such a scenario where you'd lose money on "winning" bet.


Team USA narrowly beats Brazil; The nation’s new No. 1 prep baller

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When you're not the '92 Dream Team and penciled in to flog everybody by 30 or 50 points a night, you probably need some close games under your belt to test your clutch-ness and avoid complacency.


Dime Live Blog: USA vs. Greece

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A couple of nights ago, my Dad was talking about the upcoming FIBA World Basketball Championship and Team USA when he asked me, for like the fourth time this summer, "So where are all the superstar guys.

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