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Colin Firth Is Looking For Revenge And Love In ‘The Railway Man’ Trailer

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Throw some coal into the Oscar fire for Colin Firth, because the man who makes vanilla ice cream seem erotic is back in the new trailer for The Railway Man, the true story of a British soldier who was tortured by the Japanese in World War II only to find himself in the intriguing position of getting revenge on his tormentor many years later.


Our Little Home Run Hitler Finally Graduates. Wait, What?


<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-114821"></a>In today's best high school sports/World War II history news, a poor kid who loves to play baseball got the ultimate one-two knockout blow featured in his high school yearbook: a goofy message from his parents, and a typo that compares him to 5.


Good Morning! Here’s a Soccer Nazi Getting Banned For Life (and Morning Links)

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god, stop being such a soccer nazi AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis scored a goal and gave a Nazi salute, because soccer people are crazy.

Comic Books

‘Nick Cardy: The Artist At War’ Shows A Very Different Side Of A Classic Silver Age Artist

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A new book shows a classic comic book artist's memories, for better or worse, of World War II.


The Best Of The Annual Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Games

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I've never been much of a paintball enthusiast, what with my naturally soft and sensitive skin and my hatred of sweating, but I've always been able to appreciate the almost religious enthusiasm that people show for it as a sport.



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This is just one of the spy pics from the set of Wolverine, currently shooting in Blacksmith's Beach, Australia.

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