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After Earth

The Best And Worst Things About The Sci-Fi Movies Of 2013

By | 52 Comments

Let's take a trip through an up and down year for sci-fi...


MTV Has Announced Its Top 10 Movies Of The Year

By | 28 Comments

MTV announced its list of the best movies of 2013 and it's certainly a mixed bag.

Brad Pitt

This Is How ‘World War Z’ Should Have Ended

By | 3 Comments

This is how 'World War Z' would have ended if better zombie hunters were on the case.


The 'World War Z' Sequel Needs A New Director Brad Pitt Will Actually Speak With

By | 8 Comments

Will director Marc Forster return for the 'World War Z' sequel, considering the rumors he and Brad Pitt aren't talking? Nope.

Brad Pitt

Here’s The Honest Trailer For ‘World War Z’

By | 4 Comments

Despite all of the rumored production problems that Brad Pitt denied and the fact that the movie had nothing in common with the best-selling book except for the title and zombies, World War Z is still a massive global success and Pitt’s highest-grossing movie of all-time.

Brad Pitt

Honest Trailer: World War Z


World War Z receives the always entertaining <a href="">Honest Trailer</a> treatment.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray: World War Bling

By | 7 Comments

Today's Tuesday, and you know what that means: everybody's busy playing Grand Theft Auto V.

After Earth

The Summer Of Nerd: How Geeky Movies Did At The Box Office

By | 20 Comments

The summer movie season is almost over, so we look back to see which geeky movies won, and which tanked.


‘World War Z’ Is Officially Brad Pitt’s Highest Grossing Movie

By | 13 Comments

'World War Z' has managed to make some pretty serious cash.

box office

‘World War Z’ Is Now Brad Pitt’s Highest Grossing Film Of All-Time

By | 19 Comments

When all is said and done for movies in 2013, and the Academy has handed out every last gold-covered chocolate statue for the Best Picture and Best Actor and everyone has clapped the loudest for German actor Dieter Pfaff during the In Memoriam segment, perhaps the biggest achievement of this year will have been the box office success of World War Z.


It’s Always Sunny in Pacific Rim, A Game Of Hodor, And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including It's Always Sunny in Pacific Rim, World War G, A Game Of Hodor, and more.

despicable me 2

What Movie Should You See This Fourth Of July? A Nerdy Breakdown

By | 14 Comments

Most of us spend at least a few hours on the Fourth dodging the heat in a movie theater. Here's a look at the best options for nerds.


Brad Pitt And Are Paramount Ready To Roll Out The 'World War Z' Sequel

By | 5 Comments

'World War Z' greatly outperformed expectations, so get ready for a sequel. Plus, we have a parody video, "Ken Burns' World War Z".


Box Office: Monsters U Scores Pixar's 14th Number 1 In a Row

By | 13 Comments

Most of the <a href="" target="_blank">reviews</a> seem to suggest Monsters University wasn't one of Pixar's best, but in terms of DOLLA DOLLA BILLZ$™, its $82 million take was good enough to be Pixar's second best of all time, behind Toy Story 3's $110 million opening in 2010.

monsters university

Weekend Movie Guide: Thieves, Zombies And Monsters… Oh Well

By | 11 Comments

Opening Everywhere: Monsters University, World War Z, The Bling Ring FilmDrunk Suggests: Watch whatever you want.

Brad Pitt

Five Good And Bad Reviews For 'World War Z'

By | 36 Comments

Currently sitting with a <a href="" target="_blank">68% critics rating and an 86% approval</a> from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s safe to say that World War Z is proving a lot of us doubters and naysayers wrong.

Brad Pitt

REVIEW: 'World War Z' Is… Actually A Pretty Damn Good Action Movie

By | 49 Comments

'World War Z' not only doesn't suck... it's actually pretty good, despite some flaws in the script.


Brad Pitt Puts His Machete To Good Use In New 'World War Z' Clips

By | 7 Comments

We'll have a 'World War Z' review up soon. Till then, here are four clips with better physics than the last ones.


Why 'World War Z' Is The Zombie Movie For People With Zombie Fatigue

By | 66 Comments

'World War Z' has the budget to show what other zombie movies can only tell us. And that's a great thing.

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