Here’s What It Looks Like When Wrigley Field’s Bleachers Get Torn Down

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The historic Wrigley Field is undergoing some changes and they involve demolition and possibly a Billy Goat.


Nobody’s Worse At Their Job Than The Cubs Ground Crew

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It's raining, it's pouring and the Cubs ground crew is snoring.


Henry Rowengartner Brought The Funky Buttloving Back To Wrigley Field

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Thomas Ian Nicholas returned to Wrigley Field this weekend to throw out the first pitch for the last place Chicago Cubs.


The Chicago Cubs Got Cake Boss To Make Them A Sadness Cake

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Cake Boss and the Chicago Cubs made a Wrigley Field birthday cake that also kinda celebrates 100 years of the Cubs losing.


Video: Ernie Banks Sang The Chorus Of ‘All The Way’ With Pearl Jam

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For as much as I’ve written and joked about celebrity baseball fans in the past, there’s just no denying that what the Chicago Cubs lack in World Series trophies, they more than make up for with awesome famous people repping the C.


The Chicago Cubs Can’t Even Win The World Series In Fictional Wastelands

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In new TV shows that didn’t necessarily look great but I still wanted to watch and eventually forgot news, NBC’s new apocalyptic drama Revolution debuted to pretty solid ratings on Monday night.


A Billy Goat Has Already Cursed This Guy’s Marriage

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Before we start, I need several minutes to figure out what it says on her shirt.


No-Handed First Pitch


Tom Willis, who was born with no arms, uses his feet to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley Field.

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Elect Bill Murray To Every Sports Hall Of Fame

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Grant Brisbee over at Baseball Nation shared Bill Murray's speech from his induction into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame, and I want to share it here for two reasons: 1.


This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise

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Boy oh boy, it sure is getting hot outside now that summer is here.


People Want Wrigley Field Destroyed

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When Tom Ricketts and his family purchased the Chicago Cubs, they knew that the franchise hadn’t won a World Series in 12,462 years.


Wrigley Field Game Using Only One End Zone

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As it turns out, Wrigley Field isn't much of a football facility.



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Shane Victorino was doused with a fan's beer last night as the Phillies were taking care of the Cubs last night.



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In a bizarre story that's not getting much run, THE STATE OF ILLINOIS [Guest Editor's Note: what the fuck.

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