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Shia LaBeouf Is So Sorry About Everything That He’s Turned Himself Into An Art Exhibit

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Taking his stupid antics another step further, Shia LaBeouf has launched an '#IAMSORRY' exhibit in Los Angeles so people can watch him wear his paper bag.


Five Michael Jackson Fans Were Awarded Damages For Emotional Pain From His Death


A French court agreed that five Michael Jackson fans had suffered enough emotional pain after his death to deserve money from Dr. Conrad Murray.


Patrice Wilson’s Latest Music Video Production Crosses Just About Every Line

By | 14 Comments

Patrice Wilson is back with another pop music video production for Alison Gold's 'Shush,' but this one is not even remotely funny or cute.


Richard Simmons Has Officially Cranked The Crazy Up To 11

By | 4 Comments

Richard Simmons posted a picture of himself dressed as Mia Farrow in 'Rosemary's Baby' today on his Facebook and it's terrifying.


Here’s A Dead Boxer Propped Up In A Boxing Ring In The Nightmare Fueled Story Of The Day

By | 5 Comments

Dead Boxer Christopher Rivera is propped up in his boxing gear because he didn't hear no bell. Everyone take a picture!

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‘The Man With Two Dicks’ Now Has An Action-Packed Movie Trailer


You've heard about The Man With Two Dicks thanks to his Reddit AMA. Now see him in action.


The 2014 Winter Olympics Are Taking A Page From ‘Saturday Night Live’ For Bathrooms

By | 13 Comments

A BBC reporter Tweeted a photo of communal toilets at the 2014 Winter Olympics, and they remind us a lot of the Love Toilets on 'Saturday Night Live.'


Ron Jeremy’s Reenactment Of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ Is A Vision To Behold

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For some strange, disturbing reason, Ron Jeremy reenacted Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball' video and the result will haunt your dreams.


Meet The Stay-At-Home Mom Who Makes $30K Per Month From Her Bigfoot Porn Novels

By | 46 Comments

Here's a nice lady in Colorado making ridiculous money from bigfoot porn ebooks. Why am I still typing this when I could be writing dinosaur porn?


A Sorority Girl Got Revenge On A Two-Timing Alabama Frat Guy By Sh*tting On His Bed. Because College.

By | 9 Comments

Things got poopy on a recent hazy night in Tuscaloosa when an Alabama fraternity guy ditched one sorority girl for another.

double-dicked dudes

A Man With Two Dicks Did A Reddit AMA. Welcome To 2014!

By | 56 Comments

Reddit hosted an AMA last night featuring a man with two fully-functional penises. 2014 on the internet is off to a hell of a start.


That Shooto Brazil Fight Between A Man And A Woman? It Was All A PR Stunt.


While it seemed like Emerson Falcao and Juliana Velasquez might fight at Shooto Brazil 45, it turned out to be a PR stunt for domestic violence awareness.


ROLL TIDE: An Alabama Fan Posted A Photo Of His Newborn Cradled With Guns

By | 15 Comments

Here's a picture of an Alabama fan's baby surrounded by guns, and it's probably going to offend a lot of people.


Inevitable MMA News: A Man Might Fight A Woman At Shooto Brazil On Friday

By | 7 Comments

While the details are confusing and vague, it is possible that a man is set to fight a woman at the Shooto Brazil MMA event on Friday.


Is Someone Really Going To Pay $110,000 For George Zimmerman’s Painting?

By | 19 Comments

With three days left on the eBay auction, bidding for George Zimmerman's first piece of art is already up to more than $110,000.


Watch An Airport Security Officer Save A Falling Baby With A Spectacular Catch

By | 9 Comments

After a careless father leaves his small child on a luggage counter, an airport security officer makes a amazing diving grab to catch the kid.


Tay Allyn Is Back With ‘Clean Ma Room’

By | 17 Comments

Tay Allyn, the woman who gave us the Worst Song of 2013 contender, 'Mass Text,' is back with an equally strange pop song in 'Clean Ma Room.'


On the Frank Stallone Feud and Unleashing the Fury of ‘Frankster’s Gangsters’

By | 66 Comments

Let's reflect on the strangest feud this site has ever had, as Frank Stallone and his manager won't put up with our negativity.


Meet The Florida Woman Who Married Her Longtime Love… A Ferris Wheel Named Bruce

By | 5 Comments

On the latest edition of Logo TV's 'WHAT!?' documentary series, a Florida woman renewed her wedding vows with a ferris wheel named Bruce.

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