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Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson And Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA Talk Science, Music & Philosophy

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Prepare to be blown away by GZA's knowledge of science and philosophy. Also, prepare to be blown away by Neil deGrasse Tyson just being Neil deGrasse Tyson.


VIDEO: Ghostface Killah Reviews the Iron Man 3 Trailer

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MTV interviewed Ghostface Killah (rap's Tony Starks) and asked him what he thought about the new 'Iron Man' trailer. Because things are great sometimes.


Trailer: RZA directs Russell Crowe in "Man with the Iron Fists"

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A dirty little secret of this blogging game is that I can't post every single trailer I come across.


Ruckus Brought: Wu-Tang Members Will Likely Play Themselves in Wu-Tang Movie

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Deep within a New York Daily News article from earlier this week, after some unsavory NUGGETS about Renée Zellweger shopping at J.


Here’s A Pretty Crappy World Record Attempt

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In news that Antonio Cromartie and Travis Henry could appreciate, we’re apparently in the middle of International Cloth Diaper Awareness Week, which is a lead-in to Super Duper Hippie Time Earth Day on Sunday.


Old Dirty Bastard biopic to star Omar from The Wire

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Well this one's probably going to break the internets.


Wu Tang Flan Ain’t Nothin’ to F*ck With

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I know this might not seem newsworthy at first, but you'll have to indulge me.


You had me at “RZA made a kung fu movie.”

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That's right, I've got two new trailers for Wu Tang vs.

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