Main Event

The Best And Worst Of Main Event 12/30/14: Sashaying Into The New Year

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The Main Event B&W returns with Five Second Poses, well-proportioned Rosebuds and Charlotte vs. Sasha.

Best and Worst of Main Event

The Best And Worst Of Main Event 11/11/14: Going Down Like a Yellow Submarine

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The gulf between Best and Worst is particularly wide on this episode of Main Event featuring Sami Zayn and Cameron.


The Best And Worst Of Main Event 10/14/14: It’s A Shameful Thing, Lobster Head

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Cat kickpads, lobster heads and lots of anus talk in a filthy sounding Main Event.


Attention Internet: Tyson Kidd Now Has Pictures Of Cats On His Kickpads

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Are Tyson Kidd's new kickpads the greatest of all time? Yes. Yes they are.


The Best And Worst Of Main Event 9/9/14: King Of Wrestling

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Cesaro reclaims his crown and The Ascension make their main roster debut on this week's Main Event.


You’ll Never Guess Who’s Getting A Title Shot Against Brock Lesnar At Night Of Champions

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Brock Lesnar's WWE World Heavyweight Championship challenger for the upcoming Night Of Champions has been named, and it's a shocker.

Main Event

The Best And Worst Of Main Event 8/12/14: Singlet-Stealing Feed Me Moron

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The Usos issue an open challenge, and Kofi's back to his happy dancin' self on this week's Main Event.

Slator Gator!

The Best And Worst Of Main Event 8/5/14: I Can Be Your White Knight, AJ

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Southern Bizarro Land, vagina tap outs and the beginning of a legit Heath Slater winning streak on this week's Main Event.


With Leather’s Watch This: A Russian Soldier Doing No-Armed Push-Ups


As someone who is naturally sculpted and forged from flesh and iron, when <a href="">my buddy Chris at Dog and Pony Show Tweeted a video</a> of a guy doing no-armed push-ups, I thought for sure it was about me, but it turns out that someone else on this planet is capable of such a feat with his feet.


With Leather’s Watch This: Sugar Sugar, Ah Honey Honey


After spending the better part of the last 48 hours on my couch playing Final Fantasy III on my iPad and watching college football, I’m ready to get back to my daily grind of slouching in my office desk while watching movies on my iPad.


With Leather’s Watch This: Judas James Harden Returns Home To The Fans He Shunned

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I haven’t been the most devout NBA fan yet in this young season, so I was a little surprised to see that more than a month later, <a href="">Oklahoma City Thunder fans are still mad at James Harden</a>.


With Leather’s Watch This: More Like Snorioles! Just Kidding, They’re Fun

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Thanks to Major League Baseball scheduling today’s Game 3 of the NLDS between the St.

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