X-Games Biker Celebrates Early, Crashes Away Certain Victory


Meghan Rutledge celebrates prematurely in the final lap of Women's Moto X Racing at X Games L.


Let’s Watch Bob Burnquist Crash (And Burnquist) On The Skateboard Big Air

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I'm always nervous when I watch the X-Games, because I can't walk 10 feet without tripping and falling down.


With Leather’s Watch This: Baseball Fans Still Don’t Know ‘Trader’ From ‘Traitor’

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One of the little nuggets of worthlessness that was dropped around the Major League Baseball trade deadline was that the Los Angeles Dodgers, in a mostly risk-free/high-reward move to bolster the bullpen, <a href=",0,5219875.story" target="_blank">signed former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson</a>.


Central Texas Just Got Radical: Austin Is Getting The X-Games

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Sure, Austin, TX, gets everything -- SXSW, a festival every weekend, an F1 race track out of nowhere and a reputation of not being as cool and weird as we claim that probably belongs to Portland -- so it is with local pride, sports enthusiasm and a sense of being super cool and weird that I tell you Austin's getting the X-Games.


16-Year-Old Lands Historic 1080


16-year-old Mitchie Brusco makes history by landing the first 1080 (by anyone at any age) in X Games MegaRamp history.


Jake Brown Lands First Ollie 720 in History


Jake Brown lands a 720 ollie at X Games Foz Do Iguacu 2013 , the first double-rotation no-handed aerial that's been landed in any skate discipline.


Run-Away Snowmobile Crashes Into X-Games Crowd


Jackson Strong's snowmobile takes on a life of its own after a failed jump.


Kate Upton Held A Skateboard For Charity As The World Showered Her With Praise

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Over the weekend, Zoo York and Stoker Mentoring gathered 30 Brooklyn teenagers to help clean up Fort Greene Park, and the star of the event was probably supposed to be 18-year old skateboarding phenom Chaz Ortiz, but then super model and 2011 With Leather Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year Kate Upton showed up, and approximately all of the teenage boys suddenly had to stop picking up trash and sit down for 5-10 minutes.


Don't Get It Twisted: The Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare Stunt Was A Success


A week ago we brought <a href="">news</a> of Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy's upcoming attempt at a record-breaking stunt.


We're Through The Looking Glass, People


After years of painstaking research, humanity has finally done it.


A Giant Hot Wheels Double Loop Stunt Track For Real Cars? Yes Please.

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Next Saturday, stunt drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy will attempt to be the first two people in history to race two cars through a vertical loop at the same time.

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The Shaun White Sex Scandal You’ve Been Waiting For

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Quick, name the last person you'd like to see in a sex tape.


Women Are Terrible At Motorcycles

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This year's X-Games added something called the "Moto X Enduro Women's Division", and on paper it sounds pretty cool.

Extreme Sports

Skateboarding Priest Will Entertain You With Tricks And You Will Like It

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it's always a good moment when you're walking down the street and all of a sudden you see something crazy, like a walrus doing calisthenics or Adrien Brody and you stop yourself to think, "Well that's not really supposed to happen.


The Gnarliest Power Rankings Ever


Get out your knee pads and Neosporin to keep those boo-boos away, it's an extreme power rankings in honor of this weekend's X Games festivities.



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The X Games are going on right now, which means one thing and one thing only: professionally extreme dudes getting hurt while trying to do gnarly tricks.

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