We Demand A Recount For The Winners Of The 2014 X-Ray Contest For Animals


From socks to light bulbs, the entrants and winners of this year's Veterinary Practice News 'They Ate WHAT?' contest will have you grinning.


Stefan Struve Reminded Us At UFC On FUEL 8 Why Getting Punched In The Face Sucks


Stefan Struve celebrated his 25th birthday on Friday, one day before what was supposed to be his biggest win for his young UFC Heavyweight career.

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2 Million Degree Laser Won’t Be Used for Evil, We’re Sure

So, you've got an x-ray laser that, when pointed at matter, can heat it up to 2 million degrees in a trillionth of second.

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5 Pieces of X-Ray Tech that Can You Carry In Your Hand

X-ray technology has come a long way from the early days of standing in front of a device that may give you cancer while your doctor checks to see if you had any in the first place.

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Courts Say It’s Ok For the Government To Blast You With X-Rays

Hey, remember those "backscatter" x-ray machines that can't find a bomb if a terrorist shoves it up his butt and can't find guns if placed a certain way and are considered "safe" -- even though they refuse to let scientists verify the results of the studies proving it -- which makes travelers choose between risking potential exposure to radiation or getting molested by a TSA agent.

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X-Ray Pinup Calendar: Germans & The Japanese Working Together


Japanese computer company EIZO has the right idea when it comes to promoting their high-end monitors to doctors: they get Germans to do it for them.

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Eliza Dushku, whom you may remember as Arnold's hot daughter in True Lies, or as that one chick from that one showwhatwasitcalled.

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