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NBA Draft: What’s Your First Purchase?

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2010 NBA Draft prospects Evan Turner, Greg Monroe, Ekpe Udoh, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ed Davis, Xavier Henry, Paul George and Luke Babbitt tell DimeTV the first thing they're going to buy after being drafted.

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Dime NBA Mock Draft: Shocking Changes In The Lottery

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Exactly one week after the 2010 NBA champion is crowned in tonight's Game 7 between the Lakers and Celtics, the 2011 season begins with the June 24 NBA Draft.


Suns steal momentum, win Game 4

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We gotta admit, even we jumped the gun about a week ago, all but booking the Lakers' ticket into the 2010 NBA Finals.


The Other Side of Kobe

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After he used Game 1 as an announcement to Phoenix that they can't guard him when he wants to score, Kobe Bryant used Game 2 to prove he can also burn the Suns as a distributor -- putting up 21 points (8-18 FG) and 13 dimes in another convincing Lakers win.

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The Best NBA Draft One-and-Done Nobody is Talking About

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With the 2010 NBA Draft class rounding into shape, this is looking to be a big year for one-and-done freshmen: John Wall, Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins, Xavier Henry, Avery Bradley, Hassan Whiteside, Lance Stephenson, Daniel Orton and Eric Bledsoe are all projected to get picked in the first or early-second round.

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The Elite 8: Top 8 Freshmen In The NBA Draft

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Last week, the NBA announced that 103 players, including 80 players from U.


NBA Draft Update: John Wall going pro, UConn gets a No. 1 pick

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Now that we know what's up with Kentucky's pro prospects, expect the 2010 high school recruiting class to come into focus.

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Dime NBA Draft Profile: Xavier Henry

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With the season almost over, NBA GMs have their minds set on the NBA Playoffs.


5 Upsets, 4 Overtimes And A Buzzer Beater: The Greatest Basketball Day Of The Year

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It doesn't matter if you're a fan of the NBA, NCAA or high school - great basketball is great basketball.


5 Things to Watch For during the Big 12 Tournament


It's Championship Week in college basketball, otherwise known as the week of tournaments before THE Tournament.


College Basketball’s Top 10 Future NBA All-Stars

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Interesting fact: Of the 28 players that made up this year's NBA All-Star rosters, 16 of them (57%) were Top-5 Draft picks once upon a time.

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Upset Alert: Kansas at Colorado Tonight

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Upon reading this headline, the majority of you might think that I'm crazy (and after tonight, that very well may hold some weight).

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Matty D’s Top 25 College Basketball Preview (1: Kansas)

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That's right, the college hoops season is here and you know what that means: it's time to unleash the mother effing fury! For the past seven months, I've been bottling up a vicious mixture of excitement and rage, just waiting for the moment to release my emotions onto the rest of the world.

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Harrison Barnes’ H.S. Hoops Diary: Official visit to Kansas

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Harrison Barnes is the best high school ballplayer in the country.


Five shooting guards to watch for 2009-10

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After putting together the modified Top-50 list of players from '08-09, I had about 50 leftovers who just missed the cut.

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