Microsoft Might Finally Waive That Xbox Live Requirement For Netflix And Hulu


The need for a paid Xbox Live membership to use apps like YouTube and Netflix may soon be a thing of the past.

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Microsoft Wants To Cram Xbox Live Onto Your Phone


Xbox Live is currently limited to Microsoft products... something Microsoft would like to change.

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What Nobody Is Admitting About The NSA ‘World of Warcraft’ Scandal


The NSA was apparently spying of 'World of Warcraft' users. But reading the memo, a very different motive emerges.

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Have An Xbox Live Family Account? You Won’t Come August 27th


Xbox Live Family Accounts are going the way of Microsoft Points. Except Points nobody will miss.

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Why Microsoft’s Attempts To Clean Xbox Live Won’t Work


Xbox Live is, in some quarters, a scum pit. Microsoft has the good taste to be embarrassed... but it's refusing to do what needs to be done.

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“I’m Ridin’ Around And I’m Gettin’ It”: Forza Horizon Review


Our proud buckets are generally just enough for the random runs, daily commutes and occasional field trips.

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‘Fez’ Developers Re-Release Save File Wiping Patch Because Microsoft Made It Too Expensive To Fix

Indie game developer Polytron say Microsoft has made it financially impossible for them to fix their critically acclaimed game 'Fez', so don't get too attached to your save files.

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Xbox Live Is The New Cable Box

Reports the New York Times: Beginning on Tuesday and continuing through the month, Microsoft will give a face-lift to its Xbox Live online entertainment service that will allow subscribers to watch a wide array of mainstream television programming from the Xbox 360 console.

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Why Is EA Ignoring Widespread FIFA Hacking?

Hey, remember when Microsoft basically pulled a Nelson Muntz as Sony had a massive, humiliating security breach centered around the PS3.

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Got Beef Over Xbox Live? Call the SWAT Team On Your Opponent

I'm sure we've all participated in our fair share of internet sh-t talking, especially when gaming against opponents.

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Pew Pew Pew

The unfortunately-named "PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew" debuted at Global Game Jam 2011 at the Art Institute of Portland.

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Call of Duty DLC Due February 2011, Xbox Live Exclusive (Well, Sort Of)

Who can forget the first time they sat down to play Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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You Better Grab That Inhaler, It's The First 15 Minutes From Halo: Reach


If you're anything like me, surely you were awake at midnight last night (this morning.

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No Fort Gays Allowed In Xbox Live's Fort


Josh Moore of Fort Gay, West Virginia had his Xbox Live account suspended for having "fort gay WV" listed as his location.

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