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Why The PS4 And The Xbox One Aren’t Selling Games

By | 21 Comments

The Xbox One and the PS4 can sell consoles... but strangely, they've been unable to sell actual games.

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‘Titanfall’ Is Looking Surprisingly Passable On The Xbox 360

By | 8 Comments

It looks like you may not be giving up that much if you decide to play 'Titanfall' on your Xbox 360...

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Microsoft Wants The Xbox One To Be The Next Netflix

By | 7 Comments

Microsoft believes the Xbox One can take on Netflix. Well, it can try, we suppose.


5 Reasons The PS4 Will No Longer Be On Top By The End Of 2014

By | 85 Comments

The PS4 is head of the console pack right now, but it may not last...

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5 Reasons To Get Excited About Xbox One's 'Project Spark

By | 3 Comments

Here are some reasons why 'Project Spark' is the first must-have Xbox One app.

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Microsoft Begins Stripping Down The Xbox One

By | 16 Comments

Microsoft is about to start changing the Xbox One... but is that even necessary?


Why Titanfall Is A Great Game That’s Going To Come Up Short

By | 22 Comments

'Titanfall' is a technically accomplished game. But it's also one that's not going to be nearly the hit it's hyped to be.


6 Things Next-Gen Open World Games Absolutely Have To Do

By | 22 Comments

The makers of open world games now have more power to play with -- here's what they should use it for...

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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Cuts His Salary In Half Because No One Is Buying The Wii U

By | 16 Comments

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata is cutting his salary in half because profits are down due to the Wii U not selling as much as he thought. Reminder: The Wii U exists.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Why The Elder Scrolls Online Is Trouble For The Xbox One

By | 20 Comments

The Elder Scrolls Online is going to put the Xbox One in a tough spot, unless some policies change, and fast.


Good News Xbox Bros, Microsoft Has Bought ‘Gears Of Wars’ From Epic

By | 11 Comments

Don't worry bros, you'll never have to go anywhere but Xbox for your Gears of War fix...

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Trolls Discover A New Way To Drive Xbox One Owners Crazy

By | 18 Comments

The Xbox One was supposed to be free of trolls. Supposed to be.

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Your Move Sony: Microsoft Says Xbox One Is Getting Halo Sometime This Year

By | 20 Comments

The Halo journey continues on Xbox One in 2014. Whatever that means...


10 Games That Will Make You Buy A Playstation 4 Or Xbox One In 2014

By | 24 Comments

Haven't invested in a PS4 or Xbox One yet? Well, here's 10 reasons you might want to take the plunge in 2014...


Microsoft Will Roll Out Its ‘Halo’ TV Series Early Next Year

By | 7 Comments

Halo finally gets its TV series... but what else will be accompanying it?


Both Sony And Microsoft Claim Victory In The Latest Console War

By | 25 Comments

The latest round of the console war might be over before it starts... because both systems are doing the best they've ever done.


With Leather’s Watch This: This Guy’s NBA 2K14 ‘Rage Quit’ Video Is Something Else

By | 2 Comments

One Xbox One player didn't take too kindly with the rules and changes for NBA 2K14 so he made this interesting 'rage quit' video.


The Xbox One Interface Is About To Get More Like Windows 8

By | 27 Comments

Nobody really likes the Xbox One's interface. So Microsoft is going to make it more like Windows 8! That'll help!

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