Meme Watch: You Will Not Go To Space Today

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We've collected 25 of our favorite reasons 'You Will Not Go To Space Today', including seven exclusive pictures we captioned ourselves.


Xkcd's 'Every Major's Terrible' Is Now A Real Song


Ben Miller composed a song using the lyrics to webcomic xkcd's "Every Major's Terrible" because every college major is, indeed, terrible.


So, About Those "Faster Than Light" Neutrinos…


Get ready for your big payout, Randall Munroe.


Twitter Offers Alternate Explanations For “Faster Than Light” Neutrinos

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[via] Researchers at CERN in Geneva released the results from a recent experiment (full paper here) that suggested neutrinos can travel faster than light, which would be contrary to Einstein's Theory of Relativity.


xkcd Battles Cancer with Science Comics

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This past November, xkcd creator Randall Munroe posted a comic explaining that a family member had become ill.

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