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Yahoo! Might Become iOS’s Default Search Engine

By | 14 Comments

Yahoo! thinks it can exploit Apple's hate of Google and become iOS's default search engine. Yeah, good luck with that.

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Yahoo! Wants To Start Developing TV Shows Of Its Own


Yahoo! is making its own TV shows because, uh, other companies are doing it.


Yahoo! Makes The Balkinization Of The Internet Even Worse

By | 10 Comments

Yahoo! is about to start annoying you to join Yahoo!, whether you want to or not.


Yahoo! May Buy Imgur For $100 Million, Because Yahoo! Is Run By Suckers Or Something

By | 2 Comments

Imgur might be sold to Yahoo!. We're sure Reddit will take it well.

Change Your Passwords

2 Million Passwords Have Been Stolen In A Massive Hack That Might Compromise Your Entire Social Network

By | 10 Comments

Hackers have stolen close to 2 million usernames and passwords over several platforms in a massive attack.

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Yahoo!’s 30 For 30 On The Final Game In ‘Space Jam’ Is Incredible

By | 19 Comments

The Yahoo! Sketchy team has created a fake 30 For 30 video that breaks down the final game in the animated classic Space Jam.


Dave Grohl, Jack Black, And Val Kilmer Formed A Band Called Sweetriver And The Huckleberry Dogs

By | 8 Comments

Watch Dave Grohl, Jack Black, and Val Kilmer make beautiful music together as Sweetriver and the Huckleberry Dogs.

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Everybody Hates Yahoo! Mail’s Latest Upgrade

By | 17 Comments

Yahoo! has updated an aspect of their website. Surprise! People hate it! But they actually might have reason to.


Yahoo!’s New Logo Isn’t As Good As Its Fake Ones

By | 11 Comments

Yahoo! has a new logo and a new official look. Unfortunately, it's not quite up there with some of its previous looks.


Tech Companies Reveal How Often Law Enforcement Agencies Have Requested User Info From Them

By | 5 Comments

Several major tech companies have coughed up data about how many accounts are being looked at, and the results are interesting, to say the least.

Yahoo! Went To The Mat To Fight The NSA And PRISM…And Lost

By | 5 Comments

As it turns out, the staunchest defender of your civil rights in regards to the NSA's PRISM wiretapping was, of all companies, Yahoo!. Yes, Yahoo!.


Yahoo! Is Trying To Buy Hulu

By | 7 Comments

Fresh off of buying Tumblr for $1.1 billion, Yahoo is trying to buy Hulu.

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The Best GIFs And Images Reacting To Yahoo Buying Tumblr For $1.1 Billion

By | 11 Comments

A collection of the best GIFs and images on Yahoo's purchase of Tumblr.


Yahoo! Has Officially Acquired Tumblr. Now Will It Ruin It, Or Save It?

By | 12 Comments

Tumblr may soon be part of Yahoo!, but will that be a good thing?

david karp

An Exclusive Look At Yahoo Agreeing To Purchase Tumblr For $1.1 Billion

By | 4 Comments

Yahoo has agreed to purchase Tumblr for $1.1 cash.

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Facebook And Yahoo May Engage In A Bidding War To See Who Gets To Ruin Tumblr

By | 8 Comments

Yahoo has eyes to buy Tumblr but Facebook may swoop in and make the purchase.

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Um, No, That Is Not John Krasinski, Yahoo

By | 16 Comments

I could be wrong, but I don't think that's John Krasinski in that photo. Actually, no, I could not be wrong.

‘SNL’ Is Putting Entire 38-Season Archive On Yahoo!

By | 30 Comments

At long last, the entirety of "SNL" will be available online, via Yahoo.

another teenager richer than you

17-Year-Old Sells App To Yahoo! For Millions, Gets Kushy Job, Has All Of Us Beat

By | 6 Comments

Meet Nick D'Aloisio. He's just sold his app for millions and has a high ranking tech job. He's also still in high school.

Facebook And Yahoo! To Team On Question-Answering Search


Facebook wants you to use it more. Yahoo! would like you to use it, well, at all.

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