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2012 Was A Good Year For Local News Bloopers

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The dude from FOX 8 who calls the rhino fart is my new hero.

BEST OF 2012

The 25 Most Important GIFs Of 2012

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The only we can all agree on: hard "g" or GTFO.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Absolute Very Worst Movies Of 2012

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After <a href="">last year’s Worst Movies feature</a>, I received feedback from some readers and Twitter folk about me possibly being “too negative” and “mean” when it came to criticizing films that I chose to watch for this annual hate crime report.

oh god

Facebook Fail-Log: The Year In Review


It's been a year of learning of us here at UPROXX.


Toy Story 3 Tops Tarantino’s Top 10 of 2010

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Quentin Tarantino recently chose his top 20 movies of 2010, led by Toy Story 3.

adam sandler

The 10 Worst Movies Of 2010

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VINCE'S DISCLAIMER: I didn't make a list of worst movies this year because to do it fairly, I would've had to knowingly subject myself to terrible movies.

year in review

2010: The Year in Armond White Quotes

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Look, I know it feels like I hammer on Armond White a lot, but dammit, I only do it because it's fun.


Comments of the YEAR

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This week's comment of the week was tough to choose, as it always is when there's <a href="" target="_blank"> a 100+ comment thread of Gary Busey facts</a>.

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