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Celebrate The 35th Anniversary Of ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ With These Quotes


Relive the greatest cosmic paternity reveal of all time and all the other thrilling moments from 'Empire Strikes Back'


Frank Oz Is Going To Voice A Disembodied Yoda On An Episode Of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’

Frank Oz is returning to play Yoda for an episode of 'Star Wars: Rebels' but things are going to be a little bit different.


Kiba The Cosplaying Corgi Had Us At ‘Cosplaying Corgi’


Kiba The Cosplaying Corgi arrives just in time to pull us all out of the doldrums.

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Frank Oz Explains How George Lucas Nearly Ruined Yoda


Even before the prequels, Lucas was making poor decisions about 'Star Wars', and Frank Oz explains one of his biggest near-misses.


Even More Star Wars Spin-Off Movies Coming, Confirms Disney CEO


Disney CEO Bob Iger reveals there are more Star Wars spin-offs in the works than were previously confirmed.


If They Melded: Anthony Weiner + Courtney Love Edition

Conan O’Brien mashes together video footage of more celebrities, and the results are horrifying.


If They Melded: Gary Busey + Yoda

Conan O’Brien mashes together video footage of more celebrities, and the results are horrifying.


Star Wars Spin-Off Trailer: “Yody”

Sometimes big dreams come in very, very small packages.


Prepare Yourself For ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Offs With Young Han Solo And Boba Fett


Two of the 'Star Wars' spin-offs in early planning stages are an origin story of a young Han Solo and a "bounty hunter adventure with Boba Fett".

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Stand-Alone ‘Star Wars’ Movies, Which Totally Sound Better Than The New Trilogy, Confirmed By Disney


Stand-alone Star Wars movies are happening, and the writer of Empire Strikes Back is involved...

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RUMOR: Disney is making a stand-alone Star Wars movie about Yoda


I get the dismissive wanks in my wrist every time I report one of these Star Wars or superhero rumors, but God help us, everyone on the internet is obsessed with this stuff.

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Awesome, This Is: First Stand-Alone ‘Star Wars’ Film Rumored To Star Yoda


The first spin-off movie about a 'Star Wars' character is rumored to be a stand-alone film about Yoda.

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Jedi Kitten

The Force is strong with this one.


Haters And Fake Geek Girls Gonna Hate These Afternoon Links

Today's afternoon links, featuring Yodamillionaire, a reason to be vigilant about 'fake geek girl', and a girl and her cat who mean business.

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I Fear And Hate Flesh Colored Yoda


Yoda has surrendered to the flesh colored dark side...


RIP Yoda, The World's Ugliest Dog 1997-2012

I hate to bring such bad news this early in the day, but on Saturday, March 10, in the early hours of the morning, Yoda passed away at the tender age of 15.


A Very Star Wars Christmas, Astonishing Tricks, And Links

The Absolute Very Worst Movies Of 2011 |Film Drunk| The 15 Most Slept-On Albums Of 2011 |Smoking Section| 7 Things About ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ That You Might Not Know |Warming Glow| The Best Of #Christmas Vacation |UPROXX| Stephen King’s ‘Cowboys Stadium Golf [...].


Sports Fans, Jedi Squirrels, and Links

Thanks to Stinky Pete for screencapping this.

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