Joaquin Phoenix Announced His Engagement With This Weird Romantic Story On ‘Letterman’

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Joaquin Phoenix is promoting 'Inherent Vice' on 'Letterman' and spilled the bills on his pending nuptials with odd romantic tale.

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Are This Man’s High-Speed Motorbike Yoga Poses Impressive Or Just Dangerous?

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Gugulotu Lachiram is an "extreme yoga" proponent who prefers to do his poses on speeding motorbikes while wearing zero protective gear.


Diamond Dallas Page Is BANG-ing Together A ‘DDP Yoga Performance Center’

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Forget wimpy old studios and gyms, DDP Yoga is getting a performance center.


DDP Yoga Seriously Had To Record A YouTube Video Explaining How Mirrors Work

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In the stupidest story you'll read today, the folks at DDP Yoga had to disprove haters by making a video explaining how mirrors work.


A ‘Skinny White Girl’ Had An Existential Crisis While Doing Yoga With A Black Woman

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A white girl did yoga with a black woman. You won't believe what happens next. Oh wait, yes you will: she wrote an essay that's pretty darn racist.


Instagram Users Are Pissed That A Photo Of A Nude Breastfeeding Mom Doing Yoga Was Removed

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If you want to breastfeed your baby while doing yoga in the nude, don't upload the photo to Instagram, says, Instagram.


‘Hot Girl Yoga Happy Hour’ Video Is Really Popular And We Have No Idea Why

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Let's see: hot girls, doing yoga, with beer. Yup, no idea why this is going viral.


Paul Bissonnette’s Yoga Teacher Seems Nice

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For the first time in who’s even counting anymore, the NHL and NHLPA met to discuss a new collective bargaining agreement, and they were so serious about it that they met two whole times.


Probably the best book of all time

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Apparently this book has been around since 2005 (and it's so rare that a new copy goes for $200 bucks), but I don't say that by way of pre-apology.

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This Wounded Veteran's Transformation Is The Tearjerker Of The Day

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Arthur Boorman injured his back and knees during multiple jumps as a paratrooper in the first Gulf War.


No Way He Did This Without Tearing Every Muscle In His Body


Yep, that's Frank Thomas shooting the puck at a Chicago Blackhawks game and not immediately collapsing in agony.


Orangutan Knows How to Impress the Ladies – Morning Links

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Check out more cute animal videos, if that's your thing, at The Petting Zoo [via Videogum] MORNING LINKS British gravy wrestler takes wrench to the face during sex dispute |Film Drunk| Behind the Scenes of ‘Jeopardy.


Reindeer Cat Loses The Will To Live (And Links)


Power Up: The Top 14 Video Games Of 2011 |Smoking Section| 7 Things About "The League" Cast that You Probably Didn't Know |Warming Glow| Baby seal pulls a Rip Torn, breaks into house, sleeps on couch |Film Drunk| Fight Club Soap, Sex Panther Cologne, And More Pop Culture Holiday Gift Ideas From Omni Products |UPROXX| Is Greg Oden’s Team Photo The Saddest Thing You’ve Ever Seen.


The Best And Most Ridiculous Of The 2011 Guinness World Records Day

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For the seventh year in a row, people all over the world gathered to perform ridiculous tasks and insane stunts for the sake of getting their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.


‘Yoga mat for sale. Used once. – $1′

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I have attempted Yoga exactly once in my life.


Candice Swanepoel Is The Best At Working Out

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There's a fine line between underwear and gym clothes.


Why Does This Pastor Hate Yoga?


Don't worry, there are hot chicks in the links below.


Blockbuster's Bankrupt. Will Netflix Drop The Ball?

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Blockbuster have finally set into motion "pre-arranged" Chapter 11 proceedings.

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