Do You Want To Debate Johnny Manziel’s Draft Value Or Would You Rather Watch Him Catch A TD On A Jetski?


Johnny Manziel is still preparing for the 2014 NFL Draft by being the swaggiest bro to ever YOLO with his bros on jetskis.


A Cleveland Man Got Charles Ramsey’s Face Tattooed On His Leg


An Ohio man had the face Charles Ramsey tattooed on the back of his leg, because why not?!


Naked Man Who Rowed Across Crocodile-Infested Water On A Log For Bourbon Has No Regrets


"I'd enjoyed a few beers and it seemed a good idea at the time," says an insane Austrlian who rowed through dangerous water on a log for...bourbon.

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What Is YOLO?

Jimmy Kimmel asks people on the street if they know what YOLO means, and some of the answers are downright disturbing.


The Lonely Island: YOLO (SNL Digital Short)

The Lonely Island teams up with Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar on "YOLO" -- a literal, frightful, and hilarious take on the popular motto.


We Have Some Bad News For Drake Regarding The YOLO Wars


Last month, Cajun Boy brought us the news that rapper/eyebrow farmer Drake was growing rather concerned that retail stores were capitalizing on the phrase “You Only Live Once” or YOLO, which Drake believes that he made popular with his 2011 hit “The Motto”.


Drake Vs. Walgreens & Macy’s In The War Over ‘YOLO': Who Ya Got?


A hilarious "beef" began brewing over the Christmas break and it would be a travesty if UPROXX readers missed out on it: Drake vs. Walgreens and Macy's.


Meet Con Bro Chill, Lacrosse’s ‘Personality Of The Year’ And The King Of All Bros


I’m trying to be a lot better about reserving judgment these days until I fully understand the subject matter at hand, so with that in mind, I offer the most confusing topic that I’ve written about this year – Con Bro Chill.

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Harrison Ford Open To The Idea Of Returning As Han Solo In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’


Entertainment Weekly is reporting Harrison Ford is "open to the idea" of and "upbeat about" playing Han Solo in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.


Restaurant Filled With Customers Won’t Stop Florida Couple From Sexing On One Of Its Tables


We now wait for Ohio to respond by one of its residents having sex with a table, not on one. Oh, wait, it already happened in 2008.

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