Hey Florida Gators, You’re Doing It Wrong

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This screen shot from the Florida Gators' loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday pretty much says it all about their first losing season since 1979.


This Anti-Counterfeiting PSA Is Just Ridiculous

By | 5 Comments

Let's be clear about something: <a href="">counterfeit goods are, indeed, a problem</a>, do, in fact, have ties to organized crime, and are, as a rule, fairly crappy and worthless, so you shouldn't buy them.


Obama Goes On Twitter Rampage, Loses Over 36,000 Followers

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Um, all that <a href="">praise we heaped on</a> the Obama administration for their effective use of the web and social media -- <a href="">we take it all back.</a> It started Friday morning when Obama, during a live address from the White House Diplomatic Reception Room about the debt ceiling deadlock, urged the public to call, e-mail and “tweet” their Congressional representatives to urge a compromise plan.

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