Hey Florida Gators, You’re Doing It Wrong

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This screen shot from the Florida Gators' loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday pretty much says it all about their first losing season since 1979.

you're doing it wrong

This Anti-Counterfeiting PSA Is Just Ridiculous

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Let's be clear about something: counterfeit goods are, indeed, a problem, do, in fact, have ties to organized crime, and are, as a rule, fairly crappy and worthless, so you shouldn't buy them.


Obama Goes On Twitter Rampage, Loses Over 36,000 Followers

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Um, all that praise we heaped on the Obama administration for their effective use of the web and social media -- we take it all back. It started Friday morning when Obama, during a live address from the White House Diplomatic Reception Room about the debt ceiling deadlock, urged the public to call, e-mail and “tweet” their Congressional representatives to urge a compromise plan.

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