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Hey YouTube Commenters, Do You Think Navy Baseball’s Tribute To ‘Frozen’ Is Gay?

By | 5 Comments

We checked with the Internet oracles in the YouTube comments of the viral Navy baseball 'Frozen' video to find out what they think of it.


A Dad Let His 6-Year Old Son Take The Handles On His Harley On An Open Road

By | 4 Comments

This video of a 'cool' dad letting his 6-year old son take the handles on his Harley-Davidson is sure to spark some heated debate.


The Guy Who Brought Us Justin Bieber Is Making A 'Jem And The Holograms' Movie

By | 28 Comments

Scooter Braun, Jason Blum and Jon Chu are reaching out to fans to help them make a movie about Jem and the Holograms.


Is 'Transformers 4' The 'Most Anticipated Movie Of The Summer'? YouTube Commenters Decide.

By | 8 Comments

In a trailer for the new 'Transformers 4' trailer, 'Entertainment Tonight' calls it the most anticipated movie of the summer. But is it?


This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: Madison Rising’s Hard Rock National Anthem

By | 2 Comments

While a lot of people are calling Madison Rising's National Anthem performance in Daytona the worst ever, a lot of YouTube commenters really loved it.


Meet The YouTube Commenters Who Loved The Ending Of ‘Safe Haven’

By | 49 Comments

'Safe Haven' had possibly the most ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious ending of any movie in 2013, but a lot of people still really liked it.


Anastasia Ashley’s New Surfing Video Really Brought Out The Best In YouTube Commenters

By | 14 Comments

YouTube commenters had plenty to say about pro surfer Anastasia Ashley's newest video.


Diana Taurasi And Seimone Augustus Received A Double Technical For Kissing

By | 3 Comments

During Game 1 of the WNBA's Western Conference Finals, Diana Taurasi kissed Seimone Augustus on the cheek after a foul and they both received a technical.

the colbert report

Stephen Colbert Is Pissed That Google Is Going To Censor YouTube Comments

By | 8 Comments

Google is going to start censoring YouTube comments. As a staunch defender of the 1st Amendment, Stephen Colbert has issues with this.


YouTube Comments Are Set To Become Somewhat Less Awful

By | 16 Comments

YouTube comments are the worst thing in the world, but things might be getting a little better.

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A Bride Used Buckcherry’s ‘Crazy Bitch’ For Her Wedding March And Defended It On YouTube

By | 15 Comments

After a woman uploaded video of her mother using a cover of Buckcherry's 'Crazy Bitch' for her wedding march, they hit the YouTube comments to defend it.

casual racism

The ‘Asian Girlz’ YouTube Defenses Are Somehow Worse Than ‘Asian Girlz’ Itself

By | 14 Comments

Leave it to you YouTube commenters to somehow be worse than the band who wrote a song titled "Asian Girlz."


Finally, ‘Anchorman’ Received The 8-Bit Video Game Treatment

By | 6 Comments

The <a href="" target="_blank">folks at CineFix</a> are responsible for spiking my Ovaltine with some happiness today, as they posted an “8-bit” video game version of Anchorman to YouTube last week, and if there’s anything my inner frat boy loves, it’s 8-bit video games (easy to play when hammered) and Anchorman (the babes at Tri Delt love when I quote it).


Reel Or Fake? Watch A 6-Year Old Kid Haul In A 100-Pound Tarpon

By | 6 Comments

A 6-year old boy is becoming an Internet star after video was posted of him catching and reeling in a 100-pound tarpon almost entirely on his own.


Multi-Racial Cheerios Commercial Reminds Us That YouTube Commenters Are The Worst

By | 65 Comments

A Cheerios commercial that features a multi-racial family forced the company to disable YouTube comments because of people posting horrible racist remarks.


This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: The Screaming Spurs Lady

By | 4 Comments

Last night's Spurs/Warriors Game 1 went into double overtime and featured a <a href="" target="_blank">dramatic game-winning three from Manu Ginobli</a>, but the only thing anybody wants to talk about this morning is the "screaming Spurs fan.

DmC: Devil May Cry

The Best (Dumbest) Nerd-Themed ‘YouTube Reacts’ Videos

By | 4 Comments

Also one about the 2012 election, because it was too good...


This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: Lil Papi’s Home Run Trot Has People Furious

By | 11 Comments

From <a href="">the folks at Bar Stool</a> comes a surefire new viral video about a kid known only as “Lil Papi”, and with more than 126,000 views at the time of this Cheeto-dusted post, chances are you may have already seen this home run trot for the ages.


Check Out The New Trailer For 'Oblivion'

By | 6 Comments

Prior to yesterday, the only thing I knew about Oblivion was that Tom Cruise allegedly tried to get Olga Kurylenko to sign a contract to become his latest girlfriend while they were filming.

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