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Is This ‘Zelda’ Music Video Cute Or Dorky?


We've broken it out into a list: -On the cute side, the violinist herself, Lindsey Stirling, is adorable, and the fact that she spent quite a bit of money on this video is kind of cute.


Today In Nintendo Humor, Intentional And Accidental

We've got not one but two videos for you today, both about Nintendo, and only one of them deliberately funny.

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Behold, An Epic Saga about…Haggar?

There's little that's as fun as reading old Viking sagas and epic poems.

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George Takei Is…Spider-Man?

That image of Spidey seemingly getting ready to bitchslap somebody with his webshooter is from the Japanese Spider-Man TV show, the most ill-conceived attempt to bring Spidey to a different medium until "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" came along.

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