Taco Bell’s Second Annual ‘Friendsgiving’ Feast Included Some Ridiculous Food


Taco Bell invited its so-called closest friends to its headquarters for a 'Friendsgiving' feast of epic proportions.

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Karaoke Gods Bev And Bob Are Back With Brand New Versions Of Today's Top Hits

Taking on today's biggest hits like 'Blurred Lines' and 'Royals,' Bev and Bob are still YouTube's biggest karaoke royalty.

#Star Wars

YouTube’s ‘Star Wars Kid’ Admits He Felt ‘Like Life Wasn’t Worth Living’ In First Interview


Ghyslain Raza, a.k.a. the Star Wars Kid, speaks out for the first time in 10-years-later interview.

youtube stars

Former-Stripper Trisha Paytas Wants Burt Reynolds To Take Her Born-Again Virginity


YouTube star Trisha Paytas wants Burt Reynolds to "deflower" her, even though she's not a virgin.

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Do You Have A Problem With 'Boob Review' Videos? Tell The YouTube Complaints Department

The real YouTube Complaints Department, or whatever it's actually called, must be a very boring place.

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Action Bronson Has To Be Our Next YouTube Superstar

Prior to reading about him in this piece on The Awl today, I'd never heard of the rapper who goes by Action Bronson, though our comrades over at the Smoking Section have been apparently spreading his gospel for some time now.

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