Save Your Breakfast With These Heroic ‘Avengers’ Pancakes

Dr. Dancake, the YouTuber behind those awesome Pokemon pancakes, is back with 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' pancakes.

#Viral Videos

Meet The YouTuber Who Writes Weird New Lyrics To Classic TV Theme Songs

Since 2010, YouTuber Jeffrey Davis has been rewriting classic TV theme songs with his own strange and irreverent lyrics.

#David Letterman

We Fell Down A Rabbit Hole Of Great David Letterman Musical Performances


They may not be the most iconic, but they're the ones we enjoyed the most.

#Star Trek

Adam Savage Built The ‘Star Trek’ Captain’s Chair On ‘One Day Builds’

Adam Savage of 'Mythbusters' built Captain Kirk's chair for his online series.


This Taylor Swift Fan’s Weight Loss Story Is Your Friday Inspiration


Taylor Swift fan Ronnie Brower lost over 400 pounds in two years, and his friends want her to hear his incredible story before he sees her in concert in June.


This YouTuber Is Taking To The Internet To Find ‘A Good Man’ For His Single Mother

YouTuber Alex Norgay is putting everyone's Mother's Day gifts to shame by helping his mother find the love of her life.

#game of thrones

This Mega-Mix Parody Is The Perfect Tribute To Everyone Dead On ‘Game Of Thrones’


There have been a lot of tributes and "In Memoriam" videos for the many characters who have died on Game of Thrones, but none of them are quite like this mega-mix pop parody courtesy of The Warp Zone.

#The Walking Dead

Check Out ‘The Walking Dead’ With An Intro Right Out Of The ’80s


The 'Walking Dead' gets a new Steven Bochco-inspired theme, complete with cheesy graphics and music.

#Viral Videos

Watch In Awe As This Woman Raps The Evolution Of Hip Hop With The Help Of 31 Beats


Alyssa Marie does an awesome job delivering a brief (albeit incomplete) history of hip hop with this clever rap video.


Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop: YouTube’s Most Random Covers Of DMX’s ‘Ruff Ryders Anthem’

Watch various artists cover DMX's classic "Ruff Ryders' Anthem," from his 'It's Dark And Hell Is Hot' album.


Quiksilver’s True Wetsuits Go Straight From The Beach To The Conference Room

Quiksilver has developed a new line of business wear called True Wetsuits so that business professionals can surf on their lunch break, or surfers can give their look a little more class.


This Fitness Trainer Hit Back Against Her Critics With This Eye Opening ‘Perfect Body’ Video


In a response to online bullying, fitness trainer Cassey Ho filmed a powerful short film which asks the question, "What would you change?"


This Dancing Toddler Is All About Shaking Those Hips And Body Rolls

Watch out for this turtle-looking toddler and his hip wiggles and body rolls.


Celebrate YouTube’s 10-Year Anniversary By Watching The First Video Ever Posted


Can you guess what the video is? Puppies riding on a monkey's back?


This Giant Slingshot Looks Like The Sniper Rifle From ‘Fallout: New Vegas’

Joerg Sprave created a new marshmallow shooting slingshot that looks exactly like the sniper rifle from 'Fallout: New Vegas.'


10 Free Documentaries On YouTube

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to YouTube than videos of cats, nut shots, and Miley Cyrus.


The New Condor Ferries Safety Video Is Full Of Embarrassing White Rapping


They're continuing the long history of white people with absolutely no rapping skills.


Watch The Teaser For George Takei’s New ‘It Takeis Two’ Web Series


The more Takei does on the internet, the more adorable he gets.

Virtual Reality

The First Music Video To Use Google’s New Virtual Reality Mode Has Been Released


Youtube recently added support for 360-degree video and now the first music video to take advantage of the new functionality is out.

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