Celebrate YouTube’s 10th Anniversary With This Compilation Of Its Most Memorable Moments

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Can you believe YouTube turns 10 this month? Let's take a walk back and remember some of the greatest moments we've spent together.


Ex-WWE Star Chyna Posted A Bizarre Twerking Video ‘For Her Fans’

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Here's Chyna falling off a wall while attempting to twerk. You know...for fans.


Some Bros Are Giving Drive-By Haircuts And Cutting Off Other Bros ‘Man Buns’

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These bros in South Africa are ready to "stop the knot" by all means necessary.


Richard Linklater Celebrated 30 Years Meat-Free With A ‘Boyhood’ Parody Called ‘Veghood’

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In 1985, Richard Linklater decided to stop eating meat. Over the next 30 years, he made YouTube (and animal rights) history.


Meet The Controversial Preacher Who Loves God And Showing Off Her Nipples

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A preacher from North Carolina is courting controversy, not for her religious message but what she is showing while delivering it.


Watch This Russian Man Feed An Enormous Bear Hanging Out By His Window

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A Russian gentleman was filmed by his friends feeding scraps of meat to a huge brown bear, because what else does one do in the Russian wilderness?


Brad Maddox’s Web Show, And The Do’s And Don’ts Of The Modern Job Interview

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Let Brad Maddox's latest video teach you everything you need to know about nailing that next job interview.


Cleanin’ And Jerkin’ With The Latest Episode Of Brad Maddox’s New Web Show

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CrossFit shade, wacky accents, and potential spoilers for Silver Linings Playbook await you in the latest episode of This Show Brad Made.


That Sledgehammer Lawyer From The 2014 Super Bowl Is Back With A Vengeance


Sledgehammer-wielding lawyer Jamie Casino was back at this year's Super Bowl with an epic new commercial.


Watch This Convenience Store Employee Follow This Black Customer From Aisle To Aisle

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Customer Cordney Murphy noticed this Alabama conveience store employee was following him from aisle to aisle, so he started filming it.


Brad Maddox Learns To Let It Go In The Second Episode Of His New Web Show

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The second episode of The Show That Brad Made might make you feel too many feelings for a Monday. Or ever.


The NFL Finally Launched A YouTube Channel, With One Annoying Twist

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You can now watch your favorite NFL highlight on YouTube. Hooray 2015.

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Watch This Awesome Dog Help A Cat Get A Cup Off Its Head

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Meanwhile, the human who filmed the ordeal stood by and did nothing. Thanks human.

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This Fake Facebook Commercial Is The Most ’90s Thing You’ll See All Day

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What would the world be like if Facebook came about in the age of GeoCities?


Yes, GloZell Green Just Said Dick To The President Of The United States

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YouTube comedienne GloZell Green basically called Fidel Castro a dick to President Barack Obama during his YouTube interview.


Brad Maddox’s New YouTube Show Is A Rescue Flare From A Superstar That Needs Saving

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While you're busying complaining about pushes for guys on TV, go watch and support Brad Maddox's new YouTube series. It involves Mario Kart.

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This Guy’s Plan To Scalp $650 In Tickets To ‘The Interview’ Went Horribly Wrong

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He blames Sony's simultaneous digital release for the scheme's failure and wants his money back. Does this mean the terrorists have won?

#The Interview

Sony Will Likely Release ‘The Interview’ On YouTube Christmas Day

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First it looked like nobody was going to see 'The Interview,' ever, now everybody is going to be able to see it. Hooray!


Watch FOX Sports’ Katie Nolan Perfectly Slay YouTube Commenters With Kindness

By | 14 Comments

Katie Nolan perfectly takes down those awful, awful YouTube commenters.

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