Everybody Panic! The Home Of The Cronut Has Been Shut Down By Health Officials!


You'll have to settle for a lesser cronut this weekend because Dominique Ansel Bakery has been hit with some mouse related violations.


An Actress From ‘The Innocence Of Muslims’ Is Suing Google For A Cool $124 Million

By | 6 Comments

Yes, the fallout from moronic Internet video 'The Innocence of Muslims' is still unfolding... and Google stands to lose millions as a result.


Monster Children Are Giving YouTube Tutorials On How To Get Teachers Fired

By | 43 Comments

Won't somebody please think of the children...and STOP THEM.


Idaho Steelheads Fans Have Uncovered A Terrible Conspiracy Involving Their Beer

By | 14 Comments

Two Idaho Steelheads fans created a viral hit with their video that revealed the vendors at CenturyLink Arena ripping off beer drinkers.


Ranking The Most Insane Johnny Knoxville Stunts Available On YouTube

By | 10 Comments

Johnny Knoxville has made it another year on planet Earth and amazingly, his testicles are still intact.


Coach Kent Murphy Is Back With A New Season Of Unprecedented Baseball Advice

By | 2 Comments

YouTube's crudest baseball coach Kent Murphy is back with another season of his awesome baseball wisdom.


Move Over Golden-Voiced Hobo, Make Room For The Moviefone McDonald’s Employee

By | 4 Comments

Meet your newest Internet superstar: It's the McDonald's drive-thru employee with the voice of a strip club DJ.

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Here’s A Collection Of Matt Damon’s Most Popular YouTube Clips To Celebrate His Return To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Jimmy Kimmel's most feared foe, Matt Damon is coming back and we've lined up some of his best video clips to honor his return.


This Knicks Fan’s Raymond Felton Rants Are Becoming The Best Thing On YouTube

By | 6 Comments

At least one New York Knicks fan isn't too pleased with how Raymond Felton's poor play affects the team.


12 Classic TV Shows You Can Watch For Free On YouTube

By | 25 Comments

The Internet's greatest hero is the person who uploaded "Freaks and Geeks" to YouTube.


Here Are The 5 Best Videos On YouTube From The ‘Workaholics’ Guys Early Days

By | 2 Comments

Let's take a look at the humble beginnings of 'Workaholics', back when they were just a few friends making videos under the name Dungeon of the Nutsack.


This Cover Of ‘I’ll Be There For You’ Will Make You Long For ‘Friends’

By | 19 Comments

Three unknown Irish guys are becoming viral hitmakers with this melodic cover of 'I'll Be There For You,' the theme song from 'Friends.'


This Eighth-Grader Will Sink Game-Winning Full Court Shots Whenever He Damn Well Pleases

By | 3 Comments

8th-grader Easton Gamoke of Minnesota drained a game-winning full court shot, then did it again to prove it wasn't a fluke.


HBO Will Buck Tradition And Put The Season Premiere Of ‘Girls’ On YouTube For Free

By | 23 Comments

HBO will put the season premiere of 'Girls' on YouTube for all to see in an attempt to reach a new audience.


Is YouTube Going To Start Streaming 4K Video?

By | 12 Comments

YouTube might be going to 4K streaming. Yes, for free.


Meet Jordan Belfort, The Real Life 'Wolf Of Wall Street,' In These YouTube Videos

By | 7 Comments

I walked out of "The Wolf of Wall Street" yearning to know more about Jordan Belfort. So I did some digging around on YouTube.


Kevin Garnett's Bad Language vs. Adorable Earmuffs. Who Ya Got?


Kevin Garnett let out a foul tirade against the refs during this year's Nets/Bulls Christmas game, and a young boy protected his brother's ears from it.


Don't Worry, This Amazing T-Rex Paper Illusion Is Not Judging You While You Masturbate

By | 4 Comments

This T-Rex paper illusion would be well worth the time, effort and paper cuts of printing, constructing and video taping all the magic you've created.


Warning: This Video May Cause You Extreme Pain As It Completely Blows Your Damn Mind

By | 4 Comments

All of those visits to the school nurse were justified thanks to this video. I couldn't help that my brain was telling me I needed a nap.

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