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The World According To Julie J: Lookin’ For Trouble Trouble

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Nothing but the trap with new tunes from DJ Infamous, Young Thug, Young Scooter and more.

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9.5 The Cooler

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Ayisha Diaz Chuck Norris: Voting For Pres.

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1.19 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Tiffany 6 Ways Yung Berg Can Avoid Getting His Chain Snatched Again <a href="">[TUD]</a> Why Doesn't Anyone Get Kanye West's Jokes.


10.7 The Cooler

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Sarah Shea The 25 Sexiest Women Of Rock [GQ] A History Of Ringtone Rap One Hit Wonders [Complex] Seven Items To Leave Behind When You Move [Uproxx] The 9 Most Sexual Cereal Names [TUD] Jose Canseco’s 30 Most Desperate and Depressing Tweets [BroBible] Attention: Diplo Likes [...].

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5.21 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Shaq Has A New Becky <a href="">[Hip-Hop Honey]</a> Daunte Culpepper Is UFL-Bound <a href="">[With Leather]</a> Megan Fox Out Of Transformers, Who Will Wash Michael Bay’s Ferrari.

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The Transformer Chain Diaries

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Prior to viewing this video, I hadn't been to <a href="">WorldStarHipHop</a> in months.

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Attack Of The Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Rappers!!!

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<a href="">Yung Berg - Outerspace</a> <a href="">Ace Hood Feat. Plies - Stressin'</a> <a href="">Soulja Boy Tell 'Em - Turn My Swag On</a> FACT: All 3 of these album's sales combined wouldn't get you a Gold plaque in '08.

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Write Into The Sunset…

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It's fitting that Nelly & Ashanti are a couple because their careers mirror each other to a T.

#Jay Z

“The Best Of Ig’nant Cinema”

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Words By Khalid Strickland Like beautiful sunsets, marijuana and <a href="">Salma Hayek's bodacious rack</a>, the internet is one of God's greatest gifts to humankind.

Yung Berg

Buy, Sell, Trade.

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So it turns out <a href="">auctioning ice</a> is the next big cash cow.

Yung Berg

“Do That There” – Review Of Yung Berg’s Look What You Made Me

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If Yung Berg comes across as cocky and arrogant, it may be somewhat understandable.

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