UPROXX Trivia: Do You Know ‘Community’ Well Enough To Earn A Passing Grade?

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For Joel McHale's 43rd birthday, here's a quick trivia session to test your knowledge of 'Community' characters.


Yvette Nicole Brown Is Leaving ‘Community'; The Show Will Cast Two New Characters

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After five seasons, Yvette Nicole Brown is leaving "Community" to care for her ailing father.


Important: CM Punk And Shirley From ‘Community’ Are Best Friends

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This may not come as a surprise to those of you who stalk former WWE Champion CM Punk's Twitter feed (and trust me, I write columns about wrestling on the reg.

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Dan Harmon Discussed Donald Glover’s ‘Devastating’ Exit, Alison Brie Wore A Luigi Hat At Comic-Con

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Dan Harmon talks about Donald Glover departing "Community" at Comic-Con. And Alison Brie wears a Luigi hat.


Shirley And Donna Got In A Two Day Man-Hungry Twitter Battle Over Joe Manganiello

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It just came to my attention that over the weekend Community's Shirley and Parks and Recreation's Donna spent the weekend man hungry tongue-in-cheek girl fighting over who has rightful claim to Hollywood's reigning piece of bearded man meat: Joe Manganiello.


Ranking All 68 Episodes of 'Community' from Awesome to the Awesomest

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Tonight "Community" is running three episodes culminating in the season finale.


25 Facts That You Didn't Know About the Cast of 'Community'

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If you've read a single post on Warming Glow over the last month, then you likely already know that "Community" is set to return tonight on NBC.


This Is Awesome.

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In last week's episode of "Community," Abed (Danny Pudi) was conspicuously absent throughout the episode, to the point that Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) looks to him at the end of the episode and says, "I barely saw you this week, Abed.

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Comic-Con: Notes, pics, audio from ‘Community’ panel

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I'm not sure if these panel notes are necessarily fascinating for you the reader, but since I sat through them and took notes, I figure I might as well share.

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