Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Are Now Hurling Themselves From The Top Of EverBank Field


Jaxson de Ville and the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders went rope-swing ziplining across EverBank Field, because it's fun, and what else are they doing?


With Leather’s Watch This: Who Would Have Expected A Homemade Zipline To Fail?


In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve added quite the extensive video collection to the mother site known as UPROXX, and my new air hockey teammate for shirtless Thursdays, RP, sent me one of my favorite things in the world – a video of someone making a homemade zipline.


Good Morning, Here’s A Zipline Fail And A Trampoline Fail At The Same Time

In the living illustration of one of those "You Might Be A Redneck If" jokes, here's a kid trying to zipline over a trampoline (.


Painful Zipline Fail

Here's a friendly reminder to not place your trampoline in the direct path of a zipline.

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