Spend Your Friday The 13th With Jason The Terrible, The ‘Friday The 13th’ Wrestler

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It's Friday the 13th, so there's no better time to celebrate Canadian pro wrestler JASON THE TERRIBLE, the 'Friday the 13th' wrestler.

david fincher

The Definitive Ranking Of David Fincher Films (For Real This Time)

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Many punk sites try to rank films by various people. But only one has the courage to do it while making off-topic "Fantasy Island" jokes.

zodiac killer

An In-Depth Analysis Of ‘Zodiac’ The Film Vs The Real Zodiac Killer Case

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In the wake of the latest book about the identity of the Zodiac killer, we take an indepth look at 'Zodiac' versus the real case.


Is This Man’s Father Really The Zodiac Killer Or Is This Just Another Cheap Ploy To Sell A Book?

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A new book has been released claiming that a Louisiana man's father was the notorious serial killer, but is it the truth?


Some chubby guy solved the Zodiac case maybe (UPDATE)

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After 41 years, someone has finally solved the case of the Zodiac killer, and as usual, it was a stubbly fat guy.



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Zodiac, which narrowly missed my best of 2007 list, has some new cool stuff on their website about linguistic analysis, geographical profiling, and behavioral profiling.

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