The 25 Best Horror Films Streaming On Netflix, Ranked


These Netflix streaming films are guaranteed to scare and entertain.


Mississippi Man Who Was Thought Dead Has Woken Up And Started The Zombie Apocalypse (Almost)

A Mississippi man that was thought to be dead has apparently woken up and scared the hell out of everyone.


Zombie Gameboy Rises From The Dead To Eat Living Circuits

Tell your new game systems to be afraid, the old ones are rising up and are hungry for fresh wires.


Want to watch a zombie fight a shark underwater?


You may not remember through the haze of booze, pills, and indiscriminate hobo sex, but back in 2008, I posted a clip of a zombie fighting a shark.


Bizarre Portrait Plates by Angela Rossi, AKA Beat Up Creations

Words cannot describe how much I love knowing that Beat Up Creations is making these wonderfully odd plates.


Brad Pitt Gets A Wife In The World War Z Film


It looks like the film adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie apocalypse epic World War Z is picking up steam, as Deadline is reporting that Mireille Enos (AMC's The Killing) is in talks to join the cast as Karin Lane, wife of Brad Pitt's zombie chronicler character Gerald Lane.


AMC To Give Us At Least 6 Episodes Of Walking Dead


AMC has greenlit six episodes of their adaptation of Robert Kirkman's zombie comic The Walking Dead, so at least we'll be getting that much before the suits wash their hands of it for "not getting it.

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