Watch This Furious Silverback Gorilla Smash The Glass At The Omaha Zoo (UPDATE)


A family was watching the gorillas at the Omaha Zoo when one became enraged and charged the glass, cracking it.


Watch This Turtle Help Its Turtle Friend Get Off Its Back In A Unique Display Of Reptile Friendship


Turtles are supposed to be smart creatures, did this one evoke feelings of empathy helping out a friend?

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Watch This Baby Elephant Blow Bubbles And Feel Your Heart Instantly Melt


The two-week-old elephant has a new hobby and it's pretty cute.


This Harrowing Video Of A Bear Rescuing A Crow Will Restore Your Faith In Something Something


This bear rescued this bird from the water, and you'll never guess what happened next. (You can probably guess what happened.)


Japan’s Zoo Jeans Is Putting Ferocious Animals To Work Shredding Your Denim


The folks behind the Mineko Club and Makine Zoo in Japan are auctioning three pairs of jeans that were shredded by lions, tigers and bears.


Meet Holly, An Incredibly Rare And Adorable Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo Baby


The Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island is awfully excited about a ridiculously cute baby tree kangaroo named Holly, as they should be.


These Photos Of A Giraffe Kissing Its Dying Caretaker Goodbye Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts


A zoo volunteer who helped feed and clean animals for 25 years despite a mental disability received a touching sendoff this week.


Two Ridiculously Adorable Polar Bear Cubs Made Their Debut At A Zoo In Germany

Hey everybody, come look at the adorable twin polar bear cubs that were introduced at the Hellabrun Zoo in Munich, Germany today!

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Watch These Adorable Lion Cubs Meet Their Dad For the First Time


The Oregon Zoo posted this video of lion cub triplets meeting their dad for the first time. Spoiler: It's gonna get cute up in here.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Otter Mom Teach Her Fluffy Little Pups How To Swim


Mo and Ziggy are here to bring some warmth to your ice cold heart.


Adorable Toddler In Tiger Suit Plays With Real Tiger Cub

Marshall wears his tiger costume and gets chased by a real life tiger cub (with a thick pane of glass between them, of course) at the zoo in Tacoma, WA.


You’ll Never Guess What Breed Of Dog A Chinese Zoo Tried To Pass Off As A Lion


A zoo in China is in trouble for pretending a dog was a lion.


Baby Elephant Plays In Pool

Belle the three-week-old Asian elephant cools off in her inflatable pool at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas.


Justin Bieber's Monkey Finally Has A New Home


The German government found Justin Bieber's pet monkey, Mally, a home at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen after the pop star failed to ever claim him.


Two-Headed Turtle Hatches at San Antonio Zoo

Raw footage of a two-headed turtle -- named Thelma and Louise -- that recently hatched at the San Antonio Zoo.


Dachshund Cleans Lion’s Teeth

A massive lion gets some help with his oral hygiene.


Video: A Bear And Monkey Bicycle Race Ended Terribly In Shanghai


You know how people often complain about PETA because its members seemingly spend more time putting naked Brooke Hogan in a cage, trying to convince sports teams to change their names, or chastising Chris Christie for killing a spider, when there are significantly more horrible things happening to animals around the world.


Gorilla Throws Poop at Spectators

A cameraman tries to record a poop fight between gorillas, but quickly becomes the target.


Because It’s Friday: MONKEY FIGHT!!!

As much of a fan of crazy zoo videos as I am – specifically those that involve literal hippopotamus sh*t storms – I often wonder just how stupid the average zoo-goer is.


Newborn White Bengal Tiger Cubs

A litter of four rare white bengal tiger cubs recently made their public debut at the Buenos Aires Zoo.

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