Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft For… Zynga


The public face of the Xbox One, Don Mattrick, has decided to take on a new challenge: Turning Zynga around.


Anonymous Is Supposedly Going After Zynga Because ‘Murrica


Internet trolls believe they can extort Zynga into rehiring its employees. Good luck with that.


Zynga And Bigpoint Try To Use Apple Hype To Hide Huge Layoffs

Zynga is apparently even less ethical than you thought.


Zynga’s Mobile Ads Suddenly Become Impossible To Get Rid Of

It's nice to see that even in times of strife, Zynga's corporate leadership tries to live down to its reputation.


Now This Is How You Recruit Employees For Your Gaming Company


Gaming company Kixeye released a recruitment video lambasting competitors Zynga, EA, and Kabam before donning a unicorn mask and flying away.


Zynga Investors Under Investigation For Perfectly Timed Stock Sale

Gee, Zynga's board might be full of corrupt thieves? That's terribly surprising, old chap.


Zynga Stock Is Dropping Faster Than Kristen Stewart’s Panties (Too Soon?)

Zynga takes a kicking as a prelude to a possible curbstomping.


Playing Criminal in Mafia Wars Lands Woman in Actual Jail

Have you ever wondered what kind of people pay actual real-world money to get ahead in "freemium" online games like Mafia Wars or Farmville.


Zynga Stock Tanks On IPO Day

Typically, I'm pretty good at intuitively knowing whether or not something -- a new product or service, etc.


Zynga Treats Its Employees Like Crap, Apparently

Not that we're terribly surprised, what with the tone deaf "Occupy are all whiners" dumb@$$ we featured or their CEO's now infamous speech about how they became so profitable so quickly, but apparently cranking out carefully designed Skinner boxes for suburban housewives is not nearly as fun as it sounds.


Dreamworks CEO Wouldn’t Mind Trading Places With Farmville CEO

So the new issue of Vanity Fair, the one with the boobalicious pic of Katy Perry on the cover, was finally delivered to my house yesterday (Only about 10 days late and yes I am one of those weird people who still loves to read the physical copies of big, glossy magazines).


Do You Know Where Your iPhone Location Data Is? And How To Delete It?

The Big Kerfuffle Over iPhone Snooping You may have already heard Apple included a disturbing feature bug with the iOS 4 update released June 2010, a secret file which kept a running log of the latitude and longitude where the phone was located along with a timestamp.


Detroit Will Pay You To Take A House. The Catch? The House Is In Detroit.

News in the house Detroit Mayor Dave Bing -- who recently tweeted that there won't be a RoboCop statue in Detroit, only to see people raise the funds for it anyway -- has come up with a better tactic to lure people back to the city.


Won’t Somebody Think of the Drinking Birds?


Weird News From Europe Dozens of starling birds found dead in Romania caused a bit of a kerfuffle, with local residents worrying about a bird flu epidemic.


Can You Handle The Heat?


Awesome news for people wearing sweatpants while posting lists of their favorite Smurfs (present company included): the Associated Press informed its members this week that they can cite blogs as a news source.

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