13% Have Used Their Mobile Phone To Avoid Talking To People

Senior Contributor

Pew is always useful for data about what terrible people we are, and their latest survey about smartphone use did not disappoint: 27% of people are apparently helpless without their cellphone, 10% of us can’t enter text onto their phone, and 100% of us are complete and total liars.

I say this because according to Pew, and I quote, “13% of cell owners pretended to be using their phone in order to avoid interacting with the people around them.” No, Pew, 13% of those surveyed admitted to it. Every single person with a phone has used it to avoid catching the eye of that guy on the subway who is apparently incapable of just reading a damn book, or the crazy homeless guy outside their work who wants to tell them about his pokeymans, by which we mean the gnomes he hallucinates are attempting to poke him constantly. Every woman I know uses her smartphone to avoid talking with some scumbag on their commute who won’t accept they’re not interested.

The full survey, along with previous surveys conducted by Pew on mobile use, can be found right here. It’s an interesting read … especially if that guy on the bus is trying to get your attention.

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