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If You Bought A Sandwich At Subway In The Past 3 Years, There’s A Chance Your Credit Card Data Was Stolen

By / 12.22.11

We get that running cheap software on a computer is a hallmark of the franchise business; you’ve got to save money where you can. And we also get that not everybody is familiar with computer security.

But how hard is it to understand that if you leave your cash register connected to the Internet, people are going to steal data from it? Come on, even my grandmother understands that if you connect anything online, other people may be able to look through it, and she thought the “Intertubes” were an actual thing.

So, yeah, over the last three years, if you bought a crappy deli sandwich at Subway, you may have helped Romanian hackers buy a TV on your dime. Especially galling is these guys weren’t brilliant: Subway’s password security was terrible and apparently they don’t bother to check what domains might be accessed by their terminals, since these guys used the tried and true method of hiding in porn sites. Here’s a new slogan idea, guys: “Try Harder.”

Oh, and speaking of porn and Subway, did you know that Jared dealt porn out of his dorm room in college. How’s that for irony?

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