Comcast Tries To Compete With Netflix, Faceplants

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02.22.12 2 Comments

Well, this is only a few years overdue.

One thing that’s baffled us about all the would-be Netflix competitors is they insist on hobbling their services. The Oatmeal recently summed up the problem quite concisely; cable channels insist on throwing up barriers that keep them from actually competing with Netflix, and they can never secure the huge library Netflix has.

And so it is with Comcast’s Xfinity Streampix. If you already have Comcast cable, it’s actually a pretty good deal; it’s included with some packages and is a $5 add-on for others.

Have Comcast Internet? Then you can kiss Comcast’s coaxial cable; Streampix is only available to cable subscribers.

So, let’s get this straight, guys. Instead of competing directly with Netflix and possibly stealing customers from them, instead you’re trying to simply keep customers with a watered-down Netflix knock-off? Yeah, that’ll make up for the ballooning prices and infamously bad truck service. Good thinking! Worked out great for Dish Network and Blockbuster!

In other words, all Netflix has to worry about is Amazon Prime, still.

image via dmuth on Flickr

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