Expert: Coming Apple-Designed TV Will Blow Your Freakin’ Mind, Man!

11.30.11 2 Comments

It’s long been rumored that the one thing Steve Jobs most wanted to do before he died was design the perfect television, and in the process revolutionize yet another industry on his way out the door. With that said, Apple analyst Gene Munster spoke at Business Insider’s IGNITION: Future of Media conference this morning and had something to say to everyone and anyone considering the purchase of a new television: you might want to hold off a bit as the long-rumored Apple-designed TV will hit the market in 2012 and basically blow everything already out there out of the water.

Its features, according to Munster, will likely include:

-A range of sizes. As Business Insider reports, “Part of Apple’s goal here, Gene says, will be to appeal to young Apple fanatics who can’t afford or don’t have room for a 50-inch flat screen.” So if the average 42-inch costs $500 bucks, the Apple version of it will be at least $1000. Sort of the same way it is with computers, I suppose.

-Apple’s TV will seamlessly integrate with other Apple devices. “The TV will come with a standard remote, but you’ll also be able to control it with your iPhone or iPad or via Siri. You’ll also be able to download console and other games, content, etc., from iTunes, the App Store, and iCloud.”

-The Apple TV will use Siri technology to eliminate the need for a remote control or remembering channels. You’ll be able to give it verbal commands like, “Put on CNN.” I read somewhere recently that it was the development of Siri that made Jobs think that he had a tool that could fundamentally change the TV industry. That may indeed turn out to be right.

Speaking of Jobs, check out this old interview with him that was recently unearthed by PBS. I agree with photographer Clayton Cubitt: this may be the single best piece of advice you could share with a young person.

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