Google Glass Will Stop Working If Someone Yanks Them Off Your Face

07.18.12 5 years ago

Somehow, we think worrying about Google Glasses being stolen by thieves won’t be much of a concern. Thieves don’t generally want to look like dorks. But for that moment when a Google Glass-packin’ nerd and a purse-snatcher who also happens to be a tech geek intersect, Google has patented an anti-theft technology. And, actually, it’s pretty neat, if illustrated dorkily.

Essentially, if the glasses detect an “unnatural motion,” they’ll stop working. Hopefully the glasses aren’t prudish or the dreams of pornographers will be dashed. They’ll also stop working if they detect the head of a wearer is noticeably different from the current user.

Oh, and it’ll also set off a loud alarm and call the cops. Or just, you know, don’t spend $1500 on something that you can get in smartphone form.

(Image via USPTO)

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