Meet GroupXiT: An App That Frees You From Group Texts

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One of the plagues of modern times is the group text. While most people thankfully have the tact to limit group texts to holidays or very specific situations, we all have that one “friend” who keeps CCing everyone on everything. Finally, mercifully, there is a way out.

It’s an app called GroupXiT, and it’s essentially an overlay that adds useful features from other group chat apps to your standard text messaging. You can start ignoring users, opting out of conversations entirely, and other stuff that really should have been standard with the concept of group texting when it was introduced years ago.

It does this by essentially serving as a middle-man and intercepting the texts. If you choose to opt back into the conversation, a simple swipe brings back all the messages you “missed.”

Another nice touch is that you can scan “blocked” texts for keywords, so you won’t miss an important message while you’re avoiding all the emoji and that one jackass who uses the same quotes from ’80s movies over and over again.

This won’t take the place of taking said jackass aside and having a polite conversation about texting etiquette. But, if you have that conversation, or ask people to move it to an app that isn’t your SMS, and people are still being obnoxious, it’s a useful tool. Currently it’s only for Android, but you can try it out before you throw the company $2 to unlock the full app.

Now, if only we could develop an app that erases emoji, happiness would reign across the land. Hey, maybe next year.

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