The Internet Thinks Facebook Bought A Horror Movie For $2 Billion

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03.27.14 2 Comments


Oculus is an upcoming horror movie about a haunted mirror. It’s been getting good reviews and it took Mike Flanagan, the writer and director, seven years to turn his short into a movie. And yesterday, he debuted the trailer… at what’s either the worst, or best, possible time.

Yes, people are confusing the horror movie, which Facebook does not own, for the VR company, which Facebook does own. But probably worse for Flanagan was logging on and discovering that everybody hated his movie, according to Mashable:

“I just saw stuff that was like, ‘F*ck you Oculus!’ I was like – ‘What did we do? Did people not like the commercial?” Flanagan told Mashable. “It can’t hurt,” Flanagan said. “It’s great, just as far as title awareness. It’s one of those weird words that we were concerned no one would know.”

Helping considerably is the fact that the movie’s campaign is almost tailor-made to make fun of Facebook. The tagline is “You See What It Wants You To See”, and the marketing hashtag of choice is #SeeYourEvil. It doesn’t really take a lot of work to adapt that to the Internet’s outrage of the week.

As for the movie itself, it arrives April 11th, and stars Karen Gillan and Katee Sackoff. To our knowledge, neither of them get naked, so stop asking.

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