Japanese Keep Finding New Ways To Use Technology For Sexual Perversion

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We really hate to play to stereotypes, but Japan was, after all, the country that had such a problem with upskirt photos that they passed a law requiring all cell phones to make a shutter sound when a photo is taken, even on “silent mode.”

So we don’t find it very hard to believe a teenage male used an object with a camera to take upskirt photos of his female classmates, in addition to pictures of his own pimply peen. (Are you kidding, Japan? Our congressmen do that all the time! Be thankful he didn’t tweet them to you!) But apparently Japanese schoolteachers were “outraged” to discover that a student had indeed used his Nintendo DSi to take upskirt photos, along with pictures of his tallywhacker.

According to Japanese site ZakZak, which is running a story from Spa!, a tabloid, about teachers’ stories “unbelievable things” Japanese students have done, one student used his DSi camera for purposes Nintendo did not intend.

“I discovered a young man using the DS camera to peep on girls at school,” said a 43-year-old male teacher. The teacher apparently confiscated the male student’s DS (the original quote said “DS” and not “DSi”). “Saved on the DS, there were upskirt photos as well as photos of the student’s own penis. The entire staff was sickened by what we found.”

So are we. Geez, kid, it’s less than a megapixel of resolution! Haven’t you heard of the Internet?

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