Missouri Bans Teachers Friending Their Students On Facebook

08.04.11 6 years ago

Awwww, Missouri combined our three favorite things: Stupid laws about Facebook, stupid propaganda about teachers, and stupid laws passed by state legislators about the Internet. It’s like they made us a peanut-butter and bacon smore, only instead of food it’s stupidity!

The law in question bans teachers from being “friends” with their students on Facebook, because something something swimsuit area touching something something. Seriously, they’re worried that teachers who share their Farmville crop reports will suddenly get all molesty.

To be fair, this is largely because there’s actually been a string of female teachers having naughty detention with their students. North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, and that’s just the cases that have come out this summer and that we bothered to look up on Google News. That’s not even including the creepy dudes.

So, something needs to be done, but banning Facebook, and in fact the way the law is written can be interpreted as forbidding teachers to even have a Facebook profile, probably isn’t it. Maybe the occasional psychological evaluation? Either way, after the jump, we have a video that offers serious, discerning discussion of this current social problem.

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