Of Course They’re Making a Steve Jobs Movie

Senior Contributor

In the long tradition of Hollywood faced with the passing of an icon, the feeding frenzy to exploit it started before the coffin hit the dirt. Sony has bought the rights to Steve Jobs’ official biography, written by Walter Jacobsen, and will probably be trying to fire up the biopic as soon as possible.

We can foresee only two teeny, tiny problems with this: one, product development cycles are incredibly boring stuff to follow, and two, Steve Jobs was not really a great human being in a lot of ways. We’re talking about a guy who wouldn’t hesitate screaming at an Apple employee until he or she cried, and who spent years insisting that his first child wasn’t his.

In short, Sony’s got a choice between honest and dull. Somehow, since Jobs spent a decade crushing them in the electronics market, they’re probably going to go for “honest.”

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