Report: Angry Birds Is Destroying The U.S. Economy


When a report came out a few days ago detailing how Americans spend roughly 53 billion minutes per month dicking around on Facebook — consuming approximately 23% of the total time people in this country spend online — I thought, “Hmmm…I wonder what the other 77% of the people are doing to not be productive at work?” Apparently, a lot of them are playing Angry Birds — to the tune of 200 million minutes per day!

Using this 200 million minutes per day figure, the Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal employed the methodology of a consulting firm famous for calculating the costs of workplace distractions and created a graphic illustrating how Angry Birds is having a detrimental effect the U.S. economy.

Ha! We are an Angry Birds nation! And, of course, blogs are no distraction at all. At all. Meanwhile, Rovio is laughing all the way to the bank

(Infographic via AYTM)

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