Take A Good Look At The New Design Of UPROXX Media

05.24.11 5 Comments

Well hello there! Take a look around, won’t ya! What you’re seeing all around this post is soon-to-be the new look and feel of all the Uproxx Media properties. For the most part, we think they’re subtle changes, but changes that will infuse some continuity and symmetry into your “user experience,” making it much easier for you to navigate the sites across the network going forward.

For instance, let’s say you’re on Film Drunk and you click on a link that takes you over to Warming Glow or Kissing Suzy Kolber or The Smoking Section, etc. Well now the template/layout will be identical on each site, so you won’t, for example, have to search all over the page looking for, say, the Facebook “like” button — those sorts of things will be in the same place on each site.

Here are a few of the other more noteworthy changes the Uproxx redesign brings:

• We’ll soon be rolling out a universal log-in where users can log in to any blog with a single password or Facebook ID to comment — and even earn badges and prizes for sharing and contributing (As long as their comments are stellar).

• Users can more easily navigate our content using our navigation bar or find our most shared content in case they missed something brilliant (Like 50 Cats Straight Chillin’).

• Each author on the individual sites will have a post index page, so users will be able to navigate posts by author.

• Users will be able to find all of social media sign-ons for Twitter, Facebook, RSS, etc. in one location when you click the social button.

• Users will be able to find all the recent blog posts from across the network all on each site’s homepage.

• We added buttons allowing users to share posts that they like on Tumblr.

So there you have it! As with any website redesign, there’s bound to be minor hiccups and glitches here and there, even though we’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying make sure such things never happen. You can do us a tremendous solid by pointing out any issues you notice with the sites in the comments section.

Other than that, we hope you love the Uproxx Media redesign as much as Morrissey loves Mexicans, and vice versa.

(Blinking cat gif via Gifcat and Morrissey vid via Clayton Cubitt)

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