The Full-Size iPad Is Getting An Overhaul Tomorrow

Senior Contributor

The tech world has been abuzz about the iPad mini, though I’ve been notably less enthusiastic about it, especially once I learned the rumored pricing structure. If anybody actually buys the most expensive version of this thing, rumored to run nearly $850, they’re going to need a nice hard dope slap.

That said, though, rumors have started coming that along with the Mini, Apple will be introducing something that I’m genuinely excited to see: A refreshed iPad.

It’s only rumor at this point, but the rumor is generally good news:

These people say that the new version of the iPad will retain the same $499, $599, and $699 WiFi-only price points, and the LTE line will retain the current $629, $729, and $829 pricing. With no price changes or additional storage capacities, we believe that the storage options of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB will also be retained.

On the downside, Apple will also likely upgrade the iPad with the backwards Lightning connector.

But aside from that, this seems to be a refresh worth getting excited about, with a processor overhaul at the very least. As down as I may seem on some of Apple’s decisions, their products are generally still great, and the iPad getting a refresh, especially one that doesn’t boost the price point, is good news. I’m curious to see if the old version is relegated to the dust bin or the $399 price point.

Either way, this is likely going to be the iPad to buy come tomorrow. We’ll know more when information debuts at the event.

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