The Verizon Unlimited Data Party Ends July 7th

Senior Contributor

It never fails, a company gets the iPhone and then suddenly realizes they’re selling an extremely popular device that isn’t really that great of a phone, so people must be using it for the Internet, which means people are using their network, which means they could drain even more money from them.

Thus, Verizon is shafting new customers by removing unlimited data. You use 10GB a month? That’ll be $80. Oh, and it’s ten bucks a gig for any overages. Plus another $20 if you want to tether your smartphone, because, you know, that totally requires special equipment and stuff. You can’t just plug your phone into your computer with a USB cable! It requires $20 a month! For some reason!

This leaves Sprint as the only mobile carrier actually offering unlimited data. At least until Apple gives up and gives them the iPhone too.

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