Verizon: No Google Wallet For You!

12.07.11 6 years ago

Boy, Verizon is just all feisty towards other companies lately! First they announced they were going to take on Netflix in the places where they refused to install FiOS because of too many poor people. And now they’re announcing that their latest Android flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus, won’t be coming with Google Wallet, because [BLEEP] you, that’s why.

Google Wallet is, of course, Google’s attempt to get you to put all your credit cards on one chip, and use NFC (near-field communication) to pay for things instead of taking out a wallet and using a credit card, or paying cash. You know, because moving your arms twice is such a strain.

We’re hardly surprised that Verizon’s view of customer service is “take it and like it,” but their reasoning is a bit, uh, full of it, as they’re insisting Google Wallet needs some sort of magic technology the Galaxy Nexus phone doesn’t have, which is weird since it’s a phone built by…Google. That Verizon is working on their own “contactless payments” scheme is, of course, a total coincidence.

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