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UPROXX Music expert Steven Hyden talks with rock stars and the country’s biggest music writers about what’s happening in rock.

Season 2 Episode 25: Mike Gordon of Phish Is A Nice Guy

Last month I wrote about The Baker’s Dozen, an historic run of 13 concerts at Madison Square Garden in which the long-running jam band Phish played more than 200 songs without any repeats. It was a blast to watch unfold. When I was offered an interview with Mike Gordon — Phish’s bassist and the cover model for my favorite Phish album, “Billy Breathes” — I jumped at the chance. Last week, Gordon released a new solo LP, “OGOGO”, that was produced by Shawn Everett, who also worked on recent albums by The War On Drugs and Grizzly Bear. We also talked a lot aboout The Baker’s Dozen and “metaphysical” experience of playing music.