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UPROXX Music expert Steven Hyden talks with rock stars and the country’s biggest music writers about what’s happening in rock.

Season 2 Episode 26: Are The Killers Good Or Terrible?

The Killers put out a new album last Friday called “Wonderful Wonderful.” It’s not very good. In my review for, I tried to make sense of the band’s career, ultimately suggesting that the Killers sound like a band on its last legs. Is that a fair assessment, or was I off the mark? I decided to call up friend of the pod and long-time Killers fan Larry Fitzmaurice, an editor at “Vice,” to help me go over the band’s career. Did the Killers truly peak early with “Mr. Brightside,” or is there more to this band’s legacy? We also attempted to answer the eternal question: Are the Killers good, terrible, or good because they’re terrible?