The Dexter Final Season 8 is upon us and we will be enjoying every lethal, bloody, ridiculous second of Dexter Season 8. UPROXX’s Dexter Finale Countdown is your source for the very best Dexter episode guides, recaps, GIFs, features, and analysis. Watch the Dexter Final Season on Showtime and regularly check back in with the Dexter Finale Countdown to discuss, analyze, and immerse yourself in all things Dexter Season 8.


The Internet’s Reaction To ‘Dexter’s’ Awful Series Finale Has Been Downright Hysterical

By | 25 Comments

One more Internet reaction post to 'Dexter' before we close the book on the series.


‘Dexter’ Season 8 Easter Egg: Cool Callback Or Recycled Bullsh*t?

By | 13 Comments

Two interior monologues almost identical in language? Cool callback, or self plagiarism?


The 10 Most Brutal, Kill Room-Worthy Villains On ‘Dexter’

By | 19 Comments

A look back at "Dexter" and the show's most successful and brutal villains.


The Internet’s Reaction To This Week’s Terrible Episode Of ‘Dexter’ Is Predictably Hilarious

By | 15 Comments

The Internet has not been kind to 'Dexter,' the day after another miserable episode.


This ‘Dexter’ Season 8 Re-Write Is So Much Better Than The Actual ‘Dexter’ Season 8

By | 13 Comments

Some guy on the Internet made "Dexter" season eight better than an entire team of writers have.


‘Dexter’ Discussion: Oh God! The Agony. Make It Stop Please Make It Stop!

By | 113 Comments

I mentioned on Twitter last night that watching Dexter after Breaking Bad is like having a post-coital cigarette laced with ricin and shame.


If This 'Dexter' Series Finale Leak Is True, We Riot

By | 89 Comments

Is this how "Dexter" will end after 18 seasons and 983 episodes?


‘Dexter’ Discussion: The Brain Surgeon Revealed, And Also: Booo! Booo! Booo!

By | 124 Comments

A rundown of 'Make Your Own Kind Of Music,' the dreadful episode of 'Dexter.'


Joey Quinn From ‘Dexter’ Has Lost 30 Pounds FROM HIS FACE

By | 20 Comments

The striking physical transformation of 'Dexter's' Desmond Harrington.


‘Dexter’ Discussion: Now, We’re Finally Getting Somewhere

By | 88 Comments

The latest episode of 'Dexter' actually manages to move the plot and spring a surprise or two on the audience.


What We Learned From This Week’s Hannah-Centric Episode Of ‘Dexter’

By | 72 Comments

A rundown of 'Dress Code,' the latest episode of 'Dexter,' which sees the return of Hannah McKay.


‘Dexter’ Recap: What We Learned From This Week’s Exhausting Final Season Episode

By | 82 Comments

... and the drain continues to circle on the final season of Dexter.


Weekend Preview: The Most Improved Show Of The Year Ends Its Season, And Maybe Its Series

By | 19 Comments

The season, and possibly series' finale of 'The Killing' is the weekend's big highlight.


What We Learned From This Week's Stagnant, Anti-Climactic Episode Of 'Dexter'

By | 95 Comments

A rundown of 'This Little Piggy,' a stuffy, slow-moving final-season episode of 'Dexter.'


What We Learned From The Best Episode Of ‘Dexter’ This Final Season

By | 106 Comments

'Dexter' Recap: A breakdown of 'Scar Tissue,' the first really interesting episode of the final season.

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